The National Woodie Club exists to promote interest in woodies; to educate owners and the public on their history, beauty, usefulness and uniqueness; and to provide an association through which woodie owners and enthusiasts may exchange information on history, building, restoration or modification techniques and share experiences. The woodie is a special kind of car, which deserves special recognition. The National Woodie Club will work toward that goal.

We hope the new National Woodie Club website will be a useful tool to expand the services and interactive nature of our club.


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Guest Article


Safely Shipping Your Woodie Abroad

by Jenna Oppenheimer

As the owner of a woodie, you know that the condition of the vehicle is essential to its value. With woodie enthusiasts emerging all over the world, the need for shipping services becomes more prevalent. Fortunately, there are many reputable international transport companies with experience in handling antique and classic automobiles.

The shipping process for a woodie will obviously require a little more attention than that of other vehicles. Any dependable transporter will suggest shipping methods and services favorable to your vehicle type. For woodies, enclosed or crated shipping methods are usually greatest. They offer more protection than open air transport methods which leave the automobile vulnerable to outside elements often faced during overseas transports.

The Ultimate Checklist for an International Transport

Transporting your woodie abroad is much easier when you have international shipping services (A-1 Auto Transport ships vehicles overseas) assisting the task. Experienced transport companies will guide you through the entire process of shipping. However, it is best to keep a checklist of all that must be done to assure a safe and timely delivery.

  • Schedule your transport with an international auto shipping company at least two months in advance. This will give you plenty of time to prepare.

  • Contact the embassy of the country in which you need to ship to. They will inform you of the most current import regulations in place. Professional overseas transporters are familiar with foreign policy and will be capable of helping you gather all of the proof required for Customs. Customs will need to approve the vehicle for transport before it is allowed into the country.

  • Prepare the vehicle as requested. The transport company will have a short list of tasks for you to complete. These tasks only assure the safety of your woodie and those handling its overseas transport.  

  • Document any damages your woodie may have before its travels abroad. Take pictures of the interior and exterior. This documentation will help you with your vehicle’s final inspection after its delivery.

  • Arrange for rides to and from the terminals or ports in which your vehicle will need to be dropped off and picked up at. Many transporters will offer door to door services, but these delivery services aren’t always welcomed in other countries. A seaport will not hold your woodie for you. It is extremely important that you are already at the Customs office at the time of its arrival.

The Security Provided through Shipping Services

All reliable transport companies provide the utmost security for your vehicle through the use of experienced hands and the proper shipping equipment. Without professional transport personnel and the right equipment to ship a vehicle abroad, the woodie’s integrity is at jeopardy. It is nearly impossible to safely ship a vehicle overseas without the necessities.

Even with all of the other forms of security provided by the transport company of your choosing, it is required for them to carry insurance coverage. This coverage will protect your woodie from harm during its transport. If any damages or accidents occur, a claim can be filed and the insurance company will pay for the repairs and replacements.

As you search for the right international transporter to ship your woodie, write out as list of questions you would like to ask as you call around for quotes. Make sure that one of the questions on your list is in reference to their insurance policy. You want to make sure that your woodie is fully protected during its travels.



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Restorer Resources

Members of the National Woodie club receive a monthly magazine the "Woodie Times" which features advertisers offering services to members. 


Prior to seeking any restoration service it is suggested that members refer to one of our Regional Directors or our officers for references. 





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