A Message from the President

The National Woodie Club exists to promote interest in woodies; to educate owners and the public on their history, beauty, usefulness and uniqueness; and to provide an association through which woodie owners and enthusiasts may exchange information on history, building, restoration or modification techniques and share experiences. The woodie is a special kind of car, which deserves special recognition. The National Woodie Club will work toward that goal.



Hello again fellow woodie club members:

I hope you're having a great summer.  Mine has included Drive Your Woodie Day (not really summer I know but I DO live in California), Woodies at the Lake at Lake Arrowhead, California, Woodies on the Wharf in Santa Cruz, California and, just a week after WOW, my first ever Good Guys show at the Heartland Nationals in Des Moines Iowa, where I was hosted by members of the Great Plains Chapter.  It was a lot of fun to meet woodie owners from the heartland and persuade some of them who, believe it or not, were not already National Woodie Club members.  Our club constitutes the finest group of people I've known in my life.  Please join me in inviting any people who are interested in or own one of these cars to join our wonderful club.  Monthly receipt of our magazine should help close the deal.
Next, believe it or not, out of the apparent chaos much good has come.  The Central Directors, worked very hard to attempt to arrange, on very short notice, our first ever national meet.  After considerable work plus some soul searching they decided (with my approval - the buck DOES stop with me) that the effort was premature and we should hold off for a year.  Such practicality was lost on some wonderful people in Dearborn, where your board will meet regardless.  In particular Cheryl Bassett, who works for Ford, jumped in and helped all of us arrange what we hope will be a successful first meet.  The meet WILL happen the weekend of September 29 to October 1, 2017.  Interested members will have an opportunity to visit Ford sites on Friday and we plan to have a no-host dinner at a local eatery that evening.  Saturday we'll have the meet - great camaraderie is guaranteed.  Saturday evening your board will meet from 4 p.m. until as long as it takes although I hope it won't be too long.  Members may attend and are given the opportunity to address the board at the very start of the meeting.  Sunday will offer further opportunities to tour Ford sites before heading for home.  At least one California member will have his woodie at the meet and we urge anyone interested to bring a car to this event.  I attached a flyer to this message concerning the national meet.  Also, read Woodie Times for more information.
In mid-June I returned from a trip to Oregon to a message my wife had received advising of problems the San Diego chapter, hosts of the event, were having with Wavecrest.  The problems were not due to anything that chapter or national did or failed to do.  Nevertheless, the chapter was forced to change the date.  They were able to do so thanks to the extraordinary efforts of their president, Dan Close and due to the welcome and likewise extraordinary cooperation and assistance of the City of Encinitas.  Dan in particular and to a much lesser extent I have done our level best to make this transition as smooth as possible for all of you who count on this Granddaddy of woodie shows to be held.  We know that many of you have made travel plans based on the expected date and that some of you have even scheduled vacations based on the anticipated date.  I assure you that the change of date was not requested by any woodie club member.  All of us involved deeply regret any inconvenience but all of us equally look forward to weathering this storm and having a great time at this great show.  There is considerable information about the show at the San Diego chapter's web site:  There is more information in Woodie Times also.  
A lot of volunteers have spent a lot of time making the events mentioned here possible.  There are many more volunteers working very hard throughout all of our regions to help keep this club the great institution it is and, most important since this is a hobby, to help YOU have fun.  That's why we're here isn't it?  I look forward to the fun of meeting more of you in Dearborn, at Woodies on the Green in Massachusetts in September and at Tom's Woodie Party in North Carolina in October.  The more woodie people I meet the more I like them.  Let's all share that experience!  
Bill Sampson

National Woodie Club President