A Message from the President

The National Woodie Club exists to promote interest in woodies; to educate owners and the public on their history, beauty, usefulness and uniqueness; and to provide an association through which woodie owners and enthusiasts may exchange information on history, building, restoration or modification techniques and share experiences. The woodie is a special kind of car, which deserves special recognition. The National Woodie Club will work toward that goal.



 To my fellow National Woodie Club members:

As I write this on President's Day my thoughts are already turning to "show" season.  Rosemary and I plan to drive California State Highway 41 end to end on our way to Woodies in the Valley in Visalia.  It's actually only a couple hundred miles but promises to be an adventure in a 69 year old flathead powered Mercury.  These shows are more parties than anything where we manage to visit friends we have made just because of this old car.  The highway adventure will include two of our favorite camp spots, Montana de Oro near Morro Bay and Yosemite Valley.  We hope the weather cooperates this year.  Last year we planned the same trip but much of it was rained out.
Out here in California we're lucky we can drive our cars all year.  Those of you with more challenging weather are looking forward to and planning for, I hope, National Woodie Club Drive Your Woodie Day on May 20, 2017.  For those planning ahead your board of directors has designated the third Saturday in May as Drive Your Woodie Day permanently.  This event is designed purely for fun and you're all encouraged to get your cars out of the barn, garages, back yards, storage units and shops and to drive them somewhere you like - even better if joining friends or family - and to take photos with interesting captions for inclusion in Woodie Times.  Those issues of our magazine are among my favorites.
Winter will be officially over in four more weeks - time to prep our cars for the good times ahead, which I hope we may all share as part of this very special group.


Bill Sampson
National Woodie Club President